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Wholesale Prices for approved, logged in Distributors and Retailers of Laser Classroom Prices

  • science of light color and shadow

    Light Color and Shadow Classroom Pack

    This is the classroom sized pack of Light Color and Shadow kit. Introduce the essentials of the science of light and color to your entire group of 25-30 students with durable, affordable lights and hands-on activities and...

  • Multi 3 Pack Laser Blox, stacked

    Laser Blox Multi 3 Pack

    A Multi 3 Pack of LASER Blox™ offers the ultimate flexibiltiy and flexibility for teaching and learing about the fascinating science of light, laser and optics. With a red 635nm, green 532nn and violet 405nm LASER...

  • Elementary Reflection and Refraction Lab

    Elementary Reflection and Refraction Classroom Pack

    This Classroom set of tough and fun to use science equipment allows 24-30 elementary students to clearly see how light bends (refraction) and bounces (reflection) with no mess and no frustration. Conduct dozens of light...

  • Tech Light Lab

    Tech Light Lab Kit Classroom Pack

    Introduce the essentials of the science of light to the whole classroom with the Light Blox Kit to your entire group of 25-30students with durable, affordable lights and lenses. Perfect for hands-on activities and...

  • White Board Optics Kit

    Laser Ray box Optics Demonstration Set

    Green Laser Ray Box - and so much more! Update your old blackboard optics set with this convenient and affordable set of Laser Blox - which can be stacked to create a laser ray box - and lenses from LASER Classroom...

  • Reflection and Refraction Lab

    Advanced Refraction Lab Classroom Pack

    SAVE with a Class Pack Advanced Refraction Lab Kit - durable, non-consumable equipment for for 24-30 students to use over and over.  Explore refraction, the bending or slowing of light as it crosses a boundary with...


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