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Red Laser Ray Box

  • Laser Ray Box

IF 583

Product Description

Red Laser Ray Box, Class II

Compact and powerful, the Laser Ray Box is a great tool for demonstrating optical ray paths. Producing five parallel, bright and sharply defined light beams this device will turn optical ray diagrams found in science and physics books into visual reality. Demonstrations can be set up in less than five minutes to amaze and illustrate to students and lay audiences alike.

The Laser Ray Box consists of five .75 mW, 635 nm semiconductor diode lasers, each emitting a highly visible light beam. Beams are parallel and 1.6 cm apart and can be seen in most well-lighted rooms. Energy is provided by a rechargeable NiCd battery. An all-aluminum enclosure houses lasers, battery and electronics. The bottom of the box includes a magnetized surface for providing adhesion to both horizontal and vertical surfaces such as steel white boards for classroom optical demonstrations.

Provided with the Laser Ray Box is a urethane foam-lined enclosure, VAC-to-DC power adapter.

Download the full color Operator Manual


Polarization Random 

Laser Color

Laser Mode TEM00
Input Voltage 12V
Input Current 75mA
Wavelength 635nm
Power Output, Nominal 0.8mW
Power Output min/max 0.5-0.95mW 
Beam Diameter 2mm
Beam Divergence 2mRad
Digital Modulation n/a
Analog Modulation n/a
Operating Temperature 0-40 ° C




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