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Fun and Gifts

Light and Optics fun and gifts for the scientist, engineer or teacher in your life!


  • RGB CMYK earrings

    RGB CMYK Earrings

    RGB/CMYK Earrings  Display your design prowess and superior knowledge of color theory with a set of mis-matched, yet perfectly paired set of RGB-CMYK earrings! 22K gold gilded, hypo allergenic posts and a super cute...

  • PepperGram Projector for phone

    PepperGram Projector for Phone

    PepperGram Projector This simple little device is way cooler than it has any right to be. An inverted pyramid made of light, thin, clear plastic creates a fantastic illusion that allows you to create what LOOKS LIKE a...

  • Pepper's Ghost projector for Tablet

    Pepper's Ghost Projector for Tablet

    PepperGram Projector - Now you can project and view Pepper's Ghost on your Tablet with the PepperGram Projector! In this case, bigger is definitely better! This simple little device is way cooler than it has any right to...

  • mirrorkal 3

    Mirrorkal Escher

    Mirrorkal Escher Optical Illusion Puzzle  Optical illusion and Art meet puzzles and science! Unravel the logic of this brain twisting puzzle by understanding how reflection works. 9 cubes, 5 Escher designs and hours of...

  • Turn your cell phone into a digital microscope

    Micro Phone Lens

    The Micro Phone Lens turns any smartphone into a handheld 15X microscope. Made from an organosilicon compound, the Lens sticks to your device’s camera without any adhesive or glue. It’s also virtually scratch...

  • 1000 Vibrating Colors Puzzle box

    Clemens Habicht's Vibrating Colors Puzzle

    1000 Vibrating Colors Puzzle As it 1000 Colors were not enough for a single puzzle, this 1000 Vibrating Colors Puzzle features 1,000 hues with a op-art inspired overlay of polka dots in complimentary colors, to create...

  • 1000 colors puzzle box

    Clemens Habicht's 1000 Colors Puzzle

    1000 Colors Puzzle  Whether you are a puzzle lover, scientist, graphic artist or another type of color connoisseur, this 1000 piece color gradient puzzle is sure to satisfy. The 1000 Colors Puzzle contains exactly...


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