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Education Laser Pointers

A comprehensive line of classroom safe laser pointers and 

  • 405nm Violet Laser pointer

    Violet Laser Pointer
    $69.00 $50.00

    Violet Laser Pointer, 405nm At 405nm, a violet laser pointer emits a pale purple beam that is very close to the ultraviolet range. While the beam is beautiful and reminiscent of a twilight glow or old fashioned ditto ink,...

  • Safe Green Laser Pointer with silver barrel

    Super Safe Green Laser Pointer

    Safe Green Laser pointer  While all of LASER Classroom's™ Laser Pointers are guaranteed to be compliant with FDA regulations CFR 21 1040.10 and 1040.11, at just 1mW of output, our Super Safe Green Laser Pointer...

  • Standard Red Laser Pointer

    Standard Red Laser Pointer

    Present in style with this sturdy, reliable Class IIIa <5mW Red Laser Pointer. An affordable old standby thats perfect for presentations, general pointing and playing with the pets! The Red Laser Pointer also has these...

  • Red and Green Laser Pointer

    Red AND Green Laser Pointer

    Lots of people have a red laser pointer.... quite a few super cool people have a green laser pointer... but now you can have a red and green laser pointer in one sleek design. Why have only one when you can have it...

  • Green Laser Pointer Visible Beam

    Line Laser Pointer
    $49.00 $25.00

    Line Laser Pointer A line laser pointer is what you want if you are going to be exploring angles of reflection and refraction or any other properties of geometrical optics. This is a standard green laser pointer that can...

  • Green Laser pointer with on-off switch

    Green Laser Pointer with On-Off Switch

    Durable, safe green laser pointer for conducting light experiments and light demonstrations in the classroom. This green laser pointer has the same specs, durability and reliability as our standard green laser pointer but...

  • Standard Green Laser Pointer with Black Barrel

    Classroom Green Laser Pointer

    Classroom Green Laser Pointer Present in style or point out the constellations with this high quality brilliantly bright <5mW class IIIa Green Laser Pointer. All of our laser pointer products are guaranteed to be FDA...

  • Adjustable Green Laser Pointer

    Adjustable Focus Green Laser Pointer

    Use this class IIIA, <5mW Green laser pointer with an adjustable beam for classroom light science experiments and light science demonstrations. The beam of a green laser pointer is visible in the dark without fog or chalk...

  • Adjustable Focus 635nm Red Laser Pointer - front

    Acupuncture Laser

    Acupuncture Laser  This 635nm, adjustable focus red laser pointer is the #1 red laser pointer of choice among chiropractors, acupuncturists and other healers for take home Low Level Laser Therapy. This adjustable...


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