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Optics Accessories

Optics accessories for exploring the properties of light and lasers.

  • 3 Piece Acrylic Lens Set

    3 Piece Acrylic Lens Set

    Explore geometric optics and properties of light with this set of 3 high quality acrylic lenses. The bottom surface of each lens is frosted for easy viewing of how light bends, or refracts when it passes from air to another...

  • Bevel Protractor reflection

    360 Bevel Protractor - set of 50

    Bevel Protractors  Complete set of 50 Bevel protractors for the whole classroom! Round, 360 degree graduated circular protractor for measuring and marking angles. Measure the angles of reflection, refraction and total...

  • Acrylic Index of Refraction Block

    Acrylic Refraction Block

    Acrylic Index of Refraction Block Use the Acrylic Index of Refraction Block to measure and demonstrate refraction, total internal reflection, the index of refraction and more!  Clearly observe and measure how light...

  • Diffraction Grating

    Educational Diffraction Grating - Set of 30

    Educational Diffraction Grating - 500 lines/mm - set of 30 With a classroom set of 30 diffraction gratings you can see the rainbow in white light, teach and learn about diffraction or perform science experiments and labs...

  • Fiber Optic Experiment Rod

    Fiber Optic Experiment Rod

    Fiber Optic Experiment Rod The Lumi Rod makes it easy to introduce and demonstrate the property of light known as total internal reflection - which is how fiber optics work. The lumi rod light wave guide demonstrates how...

  • Gelatin Lens mold

    Gelatin Lens Mold - set of 8

    Silicone mold for making your own concave lens, convex lens and spherical lens out of Gelatin (or Agar) for light and optics experiments and science lessons. This durable silicone tray makes a perfect set of lenses with...

  • Hollow Acrylic Prism

    Hollow Acrylic Prism set of 5

    Hollow Acrylic PrismEquilateral Classroom Set of 5 Add various fluids to this hollow acrylic prism to study diffraction and disbursion. Comes with funnel and stopper for easy use and cleanup...

  • Large Lens set

    Large Magnetic Lens Set

    Geometric Optics Demonstrations made easy with an oversized set of 6 lenses and prisms designed for mounting on a white board or magnetic chalk board. Lenses are about 8" long, so your ray optics demonstrations and...

  • LASER Blox Mount

    LASER Blox Suction Mount

    Made with durable plastic and industrial strength suction cups, our LASER Blox Mount is guaranteed to hold your set of 3 LASER Blox to a white board surface for hours. With easy release and incredible strength the suction...

  • Laser Pointer Lens for smartphone digital microscope

    Laser Pointer Lens

    Why do you need a Laser Pointer Lens? To make a very cool microscope! Here are the instructions for a wonderful idea for simply and inexpensively converting your cell phone to a digital microscope...imagine the teaching...

  • Turn your cell phone into a digital microscope

    Micro Phone Lens

    The Micro Phone Lens turns any smartphone into a handheld 15X microscope. Made from an organosilicon compound, the Lens sticks to your device’s camera without any adhesive or glue. It’s also virtually scratch...

  • Light Blox primary colors of light activity

    Primary Colors of Light - Light Blox

    Explore the Primary Colors of Light with Light Blox! Bright, beautiful, classroom safe LED's in the three primary colors of light (red, green and blue) for color mixing and more!! Introduce additive color mixing, reflection...

  • Reflect View set of 10

    Reflect View Classroom Pack of 10

    Teach and Learn about Reflection, virtual and real images with a classroom set of 10 Reflect-Views Classroom Pack of 10 Reflect Views Use this semi-reflective Plexiglas to answer the intriguing question: "When you see...

  • Semi circular refraction cup

    Semi Circular Refraction Cup - Set of 5

    These semicircular plastic cells are perfect for observing the refractive properties of different liquids such as water, oil, alcohol, or other transparent liquids. The refraction cups are made of a clear, durable plastic...

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  • Universal Mirror

    Universal Mirror Set of 5

    Set of 5 Universal Mirrors With this flexible stainless steel mirror, students can perform experiments using light rays with plane, concave and convex mirrors all in one! Classroom set of 5 Universal Mirrors...


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