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Our fun and easy to use kits come with materials, equipment, and step by step lessons.

  • Reflection and Refraction Lab kit

    Advanced Reflection and Refraction Lab

    Explore refraction, the bending or slowing of light as it crosses a boundary with this comprehensive light science kit. Durable hands-on equipment makes it intuitive and easy to understand Snell's Law, Total Internal...

  • Reflection and Refraction Lab

    Advanced Refraction Lab Classroom Pack

    SAVE with a Class Pack Advanced Refraction Lab Kit - durable, non-consumable equipment for for 24-30 students to use over and over.  Explore refraction, the bending or slowing of light as it crosses a boundary with...

  • Explore Optics Kit

    Explore Optics OSA 100 Kit

    The Explore Optics Kit was originally developed by Laser Classroom in collaboration with OSA, The Optical Society for their 100th Anniversary Centennial Celebration. It is full of equipment that can be used for some of...

  • Invisibility Kit for Muggles!

    Invisibility Kit for Muggles!
    $49.99 $49.00

    Make Invisibility, VISIBLE - With the light science demonstration and light science experiment for grades 9+ based on the Rochester Cloak! The Invisibility Kit allows you to use a set of 4 lenses, a meter stick and a little...

  • Light and Laser Education and Outreach Kit

    Light and Laser Education and Outreach Kit

    This light and laser education kit was originally developed for SPIE student chapters so that University students could share what they know about light, lasers and optics with kids in grades 3-12. If you do outreach, after...

  • PepperGram Projector for phone

    PepperGram Projector for Phone

    This simple little device is way cooler than it has any right to be. An inverted pyramid made of light, thin, clear plastic creates a fantastic illusion that allows you to create what LOOKS LIKE a hologram with nothing but...

  • PepperGram for Tablet

    PepperGram Projector for Tablet

    Now you can project and view PepperGrams on you Tablet with this DIY hologram pyramid! In this case, bigger is definitely better! This simple little device is way cooler than it has any right to be. An inverted pyramid made...

  • Properties of Laser Light

    Properties of Laser Light

    What is a laser? What makes a laser a laser, and how is laser light different from the ordinary light we interact with every day? This hands on laser science kit and set of lessons for grades 8-12+,  allows students to...

  • White Board Optics Kit

    Whiteboard Optics Demonstration Set

    Update your old blackboard optics set with this convenient and affordable set of lasers and lenses from LASER Classroom. Everything you need for powerful light and geometric optics demonstrations - This Light Science Kit...

  • Spectroclick Spectroscopy Kit
Spectrocklick Spectrometry Kit

    SpectroClick Spectrometry Kit Classroom Set

    The SpectroClick Spectrometry and Spectroscopy Kit for the whole classroom! 10 complete Spectroclick Spectroscopy Kits!   Introduce Spectroscopy - where light meets chemistry - with this fun hands-on spectrometry kit...

  • Spectroclick Spectroscopy Kit

    SpectroClick Single

    Introduce Spectroscopy with this fun hands-on spectroscopy kit and comprehensive curriculum guide for students of all ages.   The SpectroClick Kit is a spectroscopy kit that introduces students from primary to...


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