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Acrylic Index of Refraction Block

  • Acrylic Index of Refraction Block


Product Description

Demonstrate refraction and the science of light! With this acrylic index of refraction block, its easy to see how light is bent as it passes from air (low refractive index) into an acrylic block (higher refractive index). Specially formulated plastic highlights light beams as they bend and pass through. An inexpensive and dramatic way to visualize refractive indices, plus, this block can be used for critical angle reflection demonstrations. Can be used with any laser, light ray box or laser pointer.


115 X 65 X 20mm, Acrylic

Refractive Index:1.48 - 1.5

Transmission of white light: 98%

Haze: 1% - 3%

Product Reviews

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  1. Works Just Like the Picture Shows

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jun 2015

    I bought one of these blocks to use for an interactive lesson for Bring Your Kid to Work day. It works exactly like the picture shows. The lasers show up really well in the acrylic.


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